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Sporty’s Pilot Training app is the must-have resource for anyone who wants to improve their aviation skills. It’s available on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and even smart TVs like Roku and Apple TV. In addition to Sporty’s complete courses (over two dozen are available), the app is also loaded with free tools for student pilots. Here’s a look at some highlights.

Federal aviation regulations

The FARs aren’t exacting great literature, but they are essential reading for an active pilot. Sporty’s makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest regulations. Choose a course, then tap FAA Handbooks to find the interactive FAR tool. This includes all relevant sections, including the ever-popular Part 61 and Part 91. You can scroll through the menu to find a specific section, or use the search box to quickly find your desired topic. There’s even a quick sort feature (accessed by tapping the funnel symbol at the top), which suggests key FARs depending on the certificate you are pursuing. This is much faster and easier than flipping through the paper book.

Free video tips

The heart of every Sporty’s course is the real world video segments. Much more than just a slideshow or boring ground school lecture, these videos put you in the left seat for a pilot’s-eye-view of flying. Each course in the Pilot Training app includes multiple free video segments, perfect for trying out the course but also packed with helpful information about weather, airplane systems, and regulations. Choose a course, then tap on a video segment to view one. Purchase a course for full access to all video segments, including the ability to download videos for offline viewing (in the iOS and Android apps).

FAA document library

While nothing is as powerful as a video segment, sometimes you need to supplement with the official FAA publications. Sporty’s Pilot Training app includes a comprehensive library—absolutely free—including the Airplane Flying Handbook, the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, and the Aeronautical Information Manual. Each book is presented in an interactive PDF viewer, complete with table of contents, a powerful search feature, and highlighting tools.

Free test prep

The Pilot Training app includes a powerful test prep section, with Sporty’s exclusive database of thousands of FAA test questions. You can start a free study session (where you see the correct answer as you go) or a practice test (where you don’t get graded until the end—just like the real test). Purchase a course to turn on additional study tools, including explanations for each question, links for additional study, and our powerful Smart Study mode that tailors each study session to your weak areas.

Try it now

You can try Sporty’s Pilot Training app online or on your mobile device. It’s completely free—no email or credit card required.

John Zimmerman