FAASafety launches course for IFR self-briefings

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FAASafety.gov recently launched a new online course Conducting Preflight Self-Briefings for IFR Pilots to provide important guidance to instrument pilots on how to conduct a safe and thorough preflight self-briefing using automated weather resources. Developed by Flight Service, the course will help ensure pilots understand aviation weather basics and how to apply meteorological and aeronautical information in a systematic manner to plan a safe flight. It includes scenarios, real-life examples, videos, reference materials, and even practice exercises.

To receive WINGS course credit for this course, ensure you have a free account at FAASafety.gov. Once you log in, you can enroll and complete the course at https://faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_content.aspx?cID=889.

Eric Radtke