Sporty’s webinar video: iPad Proficiency Check

1 min read

iPad Proficiency Check from Sporty’s and iPad Pilot News covers a wide range of practical topics on flying with the iPad and the ForeFlight Mobile app. Led by Bret Koebbe, Editor, iPad Pilot News and Vice President, educational programming at Sporty’s, this info-packed presentation will explore topics applicable to pilots of all iPad experience levels.

Webinar topics include:
– iPad buyer’s guide for pilots (including the latest models just announced)
– Fly like a pro pilot with your iPad: developing your own standard operating procedures
– How ForeFlight can improve your preflight planning
– How to take advantage of automated iPad features and use it as a Digital Copilot
– In-flight weather on the iPad (ADS-B & SiriusXM)
– How to use the latest ADS-B weather products
– Must-have iPad accessories for the cockpit


Bret Koebbe