Scheduling your FAA written exam

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So you’ve completed your Sporty’s home study course or received an endorsement from your CFI to take your FAA written test – now what?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) utilizes a third-party testing provider, PSI Services, to administer all FAA written exams. PSI exams are available at a number of testing locations throughout the US and abroad and can be scheduled online. Many local flight schools or FBOs host testing centers so you may not have to travel very far. Locating a written testing center is accomplished as part of the test registration process.

The first step to scheduling your FAA written exam is to visit First time users will be required to create an account. You may also review exam eligibility requirements from the link on the homepage.

After signing in, you’ll be asked to verify your eligibility which includes entering your unique FAA Tracking number (FTN). If you’ve not already obtained an FTN, you may choose the IACRA link, register for an online account via IACRA, and receive your FTN.


After verifying eligibility, you’ll be asked to select the written exam you wish to take. If you are a Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course user, likely you’ll be choosing the Private Pilot Airplane (PAR) exam.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate exam, you’ll be asked to verify the number of times you’ve attempted the test. If this is your first time signing in, the exam attempts should default to 1 or you may correct the number of attempts in the editable field. You’ll then be asked to select your authorization category.

Please note, if you are a Sporty’s online course user, your “school or experience” selection will be “other” and your authorization category from the drop-down menu will be “other statement or endorsement of eligibility” if you intend to utilize your certificate of completion from the Sporty’s course.

Next you’ll be asked to select the testing center you intend to utilize. You may search by country, postal code, and distance from your location. You’ll also be asked to choose a date range for completing the exam to display a list of available testing locations.

You’ll be able to select a testing location and time for your exam from the search results.

After selecting your location, date and time for the exam, you’ll be taken to the payment page to complete the final transaction. If you later cancel or postpone your exam, you’ll have up to 12 months to complete.

A final confirmation of your transaction will be provided and a receipt emailed.

It’s advisable to bring a copy (or have digital access) to your test confirmation when you arrive at the testing center. Be sure to have your certificate of completion in the case of completing the Sporty’s online course or your logbook endorsement from your instructor. A government-issued photo ID will also be required.

Congratulations on this important milestone and best wishes on your exam!

Eric Radtke