Friday photo: giving back

  The moment: Sharing a new aviation experience with…

Are you improving as a pilot?

Learning anything new is good for your brain. Whether it’s…

Video: Patty Wagstaff aerobatics show in 360 degrees

EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh may be canceled this year, but you can still see airshow legend Patty Wagstaff in action. This incredible 360-degree video allows you to look around and experience first hand aerobatics along the runway in St. Augustine, Florida. Patty even narrates the routine, so you can hear what she's thinking about as she loops and rolls through the sky.

Video tip: training beyond the checkride

Earning a pilot certificate is a special accomplishment. It also comes with the responsibility to continue learning and refining those skills through practice. This week's tip shows how you can set personal goals to continuously improve your flying outside of the training environment.

EAA kicks off Spirit of Aviation Week

This should have been AirVenture Oshkosh week - the greatest…

Friday Photo: Arashi Yamaguchi first solo

The moment: First solo The pilot: Arashi Yamaguchi The place:…

Video: what pilots should know about skydiving

As a pilot, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane might seem crazy, but JP Schulze says it actually helps you be a better pilot. Go skydiving with JP in this video to see what it's like to free fall, complete with some awesome 360-degree video segments. Fun or scary? You decide.

Friday photo: Kevin Fontes first solo

The moment: First solo The pilot: Kevin Fontes The place:…