EAA kicks off Spirit of Aviation Week

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This should have been AirVenture Oshkosh week – the greatest aviation show on earth. One week each year, for the past 67 years, Oshkosh, WI (home of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)) is transformed into the center of the aviation universe. And for that one week, Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH), becomes the world’s busiest airport.

But this year was not to be. Like most events and gatherings, EAA made the difficult decision in May to cancel the in-person fly-in that was scheduled to be held on July 20-26. But as they say, the show must go on.

Instead of hosting pilots and aviation enthusiasts in Oshkosh, EAA is showcasing the whole spectrum of flight this summer in a virtual way, as Spirit of Aviation Week that launches today and runs through July 25 as a way to celebrate the entire aviation community.

The event will include streamed and on-demand content, encompassing nearly every subset of aviation, with a focus on educational, informational, and entertaining content. EAA’s special interest groups will also be heavily involved, bringing highlights that include homebuilts, warbirds, vintage, aerobatics, ultralights, and much more.

Among the highlights already planned for Spirit of Aviation Week are:

  • Presentations, forums, and discussions with notable leaders in aviation
  • Historical and archival content that highlights aviation legends
  • Homebuilding workshops, discussions, and educational tips
  • Content centered on pilot proficiency and learning to fly
  • A virtual exhibit space that showcases products, show specials, videos, and services available from the hundreds of AirVenture exhibitors
  • Features from air show performers to military and space programs
  • Stories from those in EAA’s community through Hangar Flying segments

EAAtogether.org is the home of the entire five-day event.

Sporty’s is also celebrating the spirit of aviation with its very own virtual airshow month – a series of events and experiences hosted on Sportys.com and various social media platforms. In addition to new product introductions and show specials, Sporty’s is offering weekly webinars, live stream events, contests, and fun flying videos.

Webinar topics include proficiency strategies from Sporty’s team of flight instructors, and an interactive IFR quiz hour. Limited time Virtual Airshow specials are available on a variety of products, from headsets to flight bags and avionics.

Other events include a virtual exhibit hangar video series, live stream sessions with Sporty’s product experts, and weekly contests. Sportys.com/AirShow.

Virtual Poker Run Contest

Sporty’s has also partnered with ForeFlight to offer a virtual poker run contest. One winner will be awarded a Sentry ADS-B receiver.

While a traditional poker run usually involves flying to five different airports and collecting a card at each stop, the new event will utilize ForeFlight’s Track Logs tab, a powerful tool for recording, reviewing, and sharing flights, to fly a flight with five waypoints.

Whether it be landing at five airports or drawing a picture in the sky with a five-point track, points will be awarded for creativity and precise flying. Prizes include a Sentry ADS-B receiver and a one-year annual Performance Plus subscription to ForeFlight.

For complete contest details, visit iPadPilotNews.com.

Sporty’s Virtual Airshow runs through August 2. For a complete schedule of events, visit Sportys.com/Airshow.