Video: landing on a mountain runway in Papua New Guinea

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Short and soft field operations might seem academic when you’re learning in a Skyhawk on a 6,000 foot long runway. But for some pilots these types of landings are just part of the job. Fly along with two professional bush pilots in this video, as they take their Kodiak into a remote mountain runway. On speed and on glide path is the only way to fly here.

Video courtesy of Missionary Bush Pilot.

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  1. Hannibal Lector says:

    You both do realize that you’re flying over known tribes that are cannibals.

    You crash and you’ll be breakfast lunch or dinner to the McDonald’s crowd of tribes-people..

  2. Austin says:

    Because he wants to breath his own carbon dioxide & breed bacteria in the warm moist Petri dish strapped to his face.

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