AIM updated – summary of Change 1

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Aeronautical Information Manual Change 1 was recently published with updates taking effect January 30. Updates include:

1−1−12. NAVAIDS with Voice
4−2−14. Communications for VFR Flights
7−1−10. Inflight Weather Broadcasts Appendix 3. Abbreviations/Acronyms

This change deletes Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service (HIWAS), as this continuous broadcast service is no longer provided by Flight Service. However, Flight Service is still responsible to advise pilots of hazardous weather that will impact operation.

3−2−3. Class B Airspace This change reflects the statutory authority of 14 CFR 61.325 allowing light−sport aircraft to operate within Class B airspace by sport pilot certificate holders.

5−1−3. Notice to Airman (NOTAM) System This change provides NAS users of updates to the U.S. NOTAM System and governance, reflecting a more accurate view of NOTAM information. It also removes references to sections that are no longer published in the Notices to Airmen Publication.

5−2−8. Departure Control This change clarifies what pilots should expect prior to takeoff when a departure procedure was included in the departure clearance, but an initial heading to fly is assigned.

5−4−5. Instrument approach Procedure (IAP) Charts This change removes any references to VOR/DME RNAV. p. 5−4−7. Instrument Approach Procedures This change provides pilots with additional options when it is necessary to conduct an instrument approach at an airspeed higher than the maximum airspeed of its certificated aircraft approach category. It explains the flexibility provided in 14 CFR and emphasizes the primary safety issue of staying within protected areas.

5−4−23. Visual Approach
5−4−24. Charted Visual Flight Procedure (CVFP)

This change encourages pilots to use other available navigational aids to assist in positive lateral and vertical alignment with the runway.


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