Sporty’s Pilot Training Course Is A Valuable Tool For Flight Instructors

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Sporty’s Pilot Training course is the go-to product in self study flight training for pilots of all levels. Continuous updates to the platform have provided valuable tools for student pilots and flight instructors alike. While the video training and written test prep have obvious benefits to aspiring pilots, the latest 2019 version sneaks in some nice tools for flight instructors as well.

With the course’s new “Progress Sharing” feature, pilots-in-training can send vital statistics on their home study directly to an instructor or anyone else for that matter. Best of all, this service is completely free of charge for the instructor. In fact, it can even earn a CFI cash back for every student they refer using Sporty’s CFI Rebate Program, more on that later.

A student wishing to share their training details for any online course offered through Sporty’s Pilot Training course, should navigate to the “Progress Sharing” view found in the course portal after logging into the online course website. After selecting “Share My Progress” they’ll be prompted to enter the email address of the person wishing to see the progress. An invitation can be sent to anyone and they do not need to sign-up or have any associated account to see the progress.

But, as a CFI, you’ll find an advantage to signing up for a free Sporty’s account. Once logged in, an instructor can view a handy list of all their students and view their progress individually. No hunting through emails for the shared link.

flight instructors list 2After selecting to view a student’s progress, the instructor has the option to see a list of completed video training segments or test prep scores and analysis. The CFI can now assign a particular video for a student to view as homework and instantly see if that section has been completed before arriving for the next ground lesson.flight instructors videosMany more important details are available when checking on a student’s practice test sessions. A quick overview of each test, score, and session time is displayed in a simple list. Clicking the performance button brings up a handy high-level breakdown of student performance in specific categories. This provides a quick visual insight into weak areas that might need more study.

Clicking the “Review” button launches the actual test session where instructors can see the exact questions that their students may have missed or answered correctly. This provides the opportunity for instructors to review directly with a student the explanation of a specific question.

Also note, this progress sharing works with every platform the student may be using: iOS, Android, Apple TV, or Online – with one caveat. For iOS, Apple TV and Android, instructors will still be able to see viewed video segments and test scores, but the detailed performance analysis and session review is only available for practices tests performed by students who use the online course.

If that’s not benefit enough, Sporty’s offers a $25 gift card to instructors for every student who buys either an Instrument Rating or Private Pilot training course. Instructors can sign up for Sporty’s CFI Rebate program and give each of their students a special referral code to apply at checkout.

Click here to try a free demo of the Pilot Training course.

Bret Koebbe