Video: first flight in a Cirrus SR22

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The Cirrus SR22 is the best-selling piston airplane in America, and this video shows why. The airplane is fun to fly, fast, and loaded with technology. Ride along as an experienced pilot gets his first left seat time in this amazing airplane, including some actual IFR time and some avionics programming time.

Video from Aviation101.

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  1. David D. ATP/CFI-S/ME/I/A/G says:

    Nice video BUT it also provides a lot of insight into a problem that all this new technology creates. The flight is on an IFR flight plan but is mostly flown in VFR conditions. The views from the back show NO methodical scan outside the cockpit by either pilot. Watch both pilots heads – it’s a fact. I’d say 75% of the time they are looking inside or straight ahead. If they are looking outside it’s in a very narrow field because their heads don’t pan back and forth. In Class A and B airspace that might be OK since everybody has a clearance but below that there are lots of VFR folks. I’ve flown with a lot of pilots and the fancier the panel the more “heads-down” they are. Some think that ADS-B will fix the problem but there will still be lots of VFR folks that are not required to have ADS-B out.

    Technology is great and I’m all for it but we have got to get each other to look outside. The big sky theory does not work. Next time you are up see how many ADS-B targets that you never see and then think about the fact that less than 1/2 of the aircraft are equipped currently. Scary thought!
    Food for thought.

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