Friday Photo: Private Pilot

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Friday Photo is a new installment to share those special moments capturing first solos, checkrides or other special memories. Please send your achievements to [email protected] using the format below and be featured in an upcoming edition.

We’re pleased to feature Natalie Kelley for the inaugural moment. After earning her Private pilot certification, Natalie was inspired to create the Fly Girl Aviation Scholarship – a $5,000 award to help another pursue her dream of learning to fly. Learn more at Ed.

The moment: Private Pilot Checkride

The pilot: Natalie Kelley (right)

The place: Clermont County Airport (I69)

The aircraft: C172R

The instructor: Ken Kostolich

The memory: “This was a moment I had been waiting for since I was 8 years old.  This achievement proved to me that I actually could do anything if I set my mind to it.  I was smart enough.  I was capable.  The only thing I needed was time and determination.”


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