Video: ILS to minimums in a Citation

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Some pilots think flying aerobatics or gliders is the most fun you can have with a pilot certificate. But for others, nothing beats the rush of a well-flown instrument approach to minimums. In this week’s video, you’ll fly left seat in a Citation CJ1+ jet on an ILS approach all the way to minimums. See how early you can see the runway lights, then tell us – does this look like fun or hard work?

Video from David Bamford

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  1. Sven says:

    Love videos like this, they help me learn how approaches look and sound like from a pro perspective, thank you for putting it together and sharing it!
    That said, I’m still alarmed by how many bits and pieces of the communcation I still don’t understand (even when I play them back and forth!) because they’re slang and/or rattled down so fast it’s more mumbling than clear instruction/readback, or sometimes I guess I trip over waypoint names (contributing factor is the fact that Enlish is not my native language).
    May I suggest to provide more captions that show what is being transmitted? Also, for the purpose of understanding the approach a split screen or inset of arrival/approach plate would be very helpful.

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