Welcome to the Club – Now What

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Five ways to celebrate getting your wings

Aviators are a unique breed. Some might say we are obsessive/compulsive and they could probably make a pretty good case. After all, we are no longer bound to operate a vehicle in only two dimensions. It’s that up and down part that so many people never get to command.

Now that you’ve conquered the air and been infected with the disease, here are five things you should do to help celebrate your new-found freedom.

take a friend flying1.     Take a friend flying. You probably have no shortage of people wanting to take a ride with you. Fill that seat next to you with a friend.  You might be able to convince them to take a lesson or two, further spreading the disease.

2.     Fly to a neighboring airport for breakfast or lunch. This experience will hopefully be one you regularly get to participate in.  Find a neighboring airport with a diner or cafe and plan a trip to get the famous $100 hamburger. Note that the $100 doesn’t come from the price of the food, but rather from the mode of transportation used to get there and back. And yes, the experience is well worth the investment.

go to an airshow3.     Go to a fly-in. It doesn’t have to be Oshkosh (bonus points if it is), but try to make it to an aviation event. There are plenty of regional fly-ins to choose from, and lots of pancake breakfasts. Grab a buddy and go tell some lies with fellow disease-infected pilots.

4.     Subscribe to a magazine or blog. A good pilot is always a student. One of the best ways to keep learning is to receive something in the mail every month that keeps reminding you of your affliction.  Flying, Plane & Pilot, AOPA Pilot, Sport Aviation…all are great publications.  Looking for a free newsletter? Try AvWeb, Propwash, Air Facts Journal, iPad Pilot News, or ,of course, Learntoflyhere.com.

logo wear5.     Buy some logo’d gear to show off elite status. Much like those who ride Harleys wear Harley apparel, those who fly like to show everyone else that they have been blessed with the unique ability to travel in ways the common folk can’t. Buy an embroidered polo shirt with your aircraft and N# on it, get a leather pilot jacket, or just try one of the funky t-shirts at Sporty’s. After all, you want to make sure others are aware of your disease.

Next time you visit your family doctor, make it a point to tell him you are horribly sick and it’s contagious. The disease was first diagnosed in 1903, and there is no known cure. Point to the wings on your jacket and smile.