We are continuously updating our Learn to Fly Course with the latest information, so you can be confident that your course has the latest information. We also frequently add new features to our iOS app and online course. Below are some of the highlights of recent releases.

iPad/iPhone App

LTFapp_progressWhat’s New in Version 1.6 – April 18, 2014

  • New Achievements feature allows you to earn flight training achievements as you progress throughout the course. After completing video segments, test prep sessions, flight maneuvers and more, you’ll be presented with the option to share these accomplishments with your flight instructor, family or friends with convenient Twitter, Facebook, mail and messaging options.
  • New Progress section displays a snapshot of your video training progress and an overview of your test prep scores.

What’s New in Version 1.5 – February 17, 2014

  • Includes the new FAA Test Prep supplement (figures and legends) containing full-color high-resolution images
  • You’ll now see the question text right alongside the figure viewer to make it easier to answer questions requiring a figure
  • Interface improvements for iOS 7

What’s New in Version 1.4 – December 13, 2013

  • Added review quizzes after the video segments containing FAA test question covering content from that segment

What’s New in Version 1.3 – November 1, 2013

  • New written test progress reports store a detailed history of all test prep sessions for later review
  • Added ability to pause a written test prep session and resume it later
  • Video training includes a resume feature, allowing you to watch part of a video segment and return later to resume viewing at the spot you left off
  • Added all test prep figures to main menu, allowing review when outside of a session
  • New iCloud features: all test prep progress reports and video progress is stored in iCloud and always kept in sync among all your devices

What’s New in Version 1.2 – January 10, 2013

  • Support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6
  • Added new feature in Test Prep mode to create a new session from missed questions in a previous session
  • Bug fix: saved videos will no longer auto-delete when iPad storage space is low

What’s New in Version 1.1 – June 15, 2012

  • Updated graphics for iPad retina display
  • Added ability to login with your Sporty’s Learn to Fly app account
  • Added iCloud syncing, allowing you to keep your video and test progress in sync among multiple devices

What’s New in Version 1.0 – March 12, 2012

  • Initial launch of Sporty’s award-winning Learn to Fly Course in a new dedicated mobile app format for iPhone and iPad:
  • Includes over 18 hours of high-quality streaming video and animations with training for all 3 pilot certificates: Private, Recreational and Sport. You choose the track that’s right for you.
  • Offers the ability to save video segments for offline viewing when internet is not available
  • Universal aviation app–purchase once and use it on all your devices

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Online Course

LTF course onlineWhat’s New in Version 2.4 – February 10, 2014

This update adds the new FAA test prep supplement required for Private, Recreational and Sport Pilot wen testing. The figures and legends are now displayed as full-color, high-resolution images, making it easier to see and interpret the information required to answer the FAA questions in the test prep section of the course.

What’s New in Version 2.3 – October 4, 2013

This update adds a new feature to the video training section of the app. Now after viewing select video segments you’ll be presented with a short quiz containing FAA test questions covering content from that video segment.

What’s New in Version 2.2 – July 9, 2013

We’ve added a helpful new feature in the test prep section of the course that allows you to pause and save your progress during a knowledge test session, and return later to finish. You can also now review a detailed record of your past test prep sessions, and see your answer selections and explanations for each question.

What’s New in Version 2.1 – October 1, 2012

Added compatibility with Internet Explorer 10

What’s New in Version 2.0 – March 1, 2012

Sporty’s is proud to announce all new content and a brand new modern HTML5 interface for the Learn to Fly Course, and the upgrade is free for existing users:

  • New HTML5 design means the course is compatible with all popular web browsers and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • The Learn to Fly Course now includes training for all 3 pilot certificates: Private, Recreational and Sport. You choose the track that’s right for you.
  • Improved video streaming for lighting-fast playback.
  • After successfully completing the course, you can now receive both FAA Wings credit and an endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test

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