What’s up with the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test?

The pathway to a Private Pilot certificate involves many training requirements, including ground school, in-airplane flight training, and a few FAA tests. Here we'll focus on recent updates to the FAA Knowledge test and how to best prepare for it.

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Are you prepared to go around?

Minutes later we were told to slow to our final speed as the Falcon tri-jet had not yet begun its taxi. We were fortunate to have about 20 seconds at our 120kt final approach speed to discuss the possibility of a go-around given the slow progress of the Falcon’s taxi run. This discussion involved the steps we would take performing the go-around.

Logistics and what it means for your flight preparation

Your three friends, four sets of luggage and golf clubs may exceed both the weight capacity and cargo volume of most typical rentals.  Does that mean you have to scrap your trip, or worse yet, spend 24 of the allotted 72 hours driving?  Maybe, but then again by managing the logistics the flying trip may still be possible.

Chart Smart: VFR sectional remote communications outlet

The Greenville VORTAC communications box indicates that you are able to communicate with the Gainesville Flight Service Station by transmitting on 122.1 (122.1R) on your comm radio.

Do you really have the available runway distance published?

In the Chart Supplement entry for many airports, especially those frequented by jet aircraft, you’ll see a collection of runway distance information that may differ from the runway length information published on the airport diagram.

How do you start a jet engine?

Smaller jet engines are started using electrical power, either from a battery or an external power unit. Upon initiating the start, generally with the push of a button, the battery powers the starter motor which begins rotating the engine just like a piston-powered airplane or your car.
collision avoidance quiz

How to fly a standard airport traffic pattern

A left hand pattern is considered standard and should be used unless specified otherwise for an airport. It is important to fly standard traffic pattern procedures to ensure the safe and orderly flow of aircraft to and from an airport.

The 7 deadly sins of radio communications

Nobody wants to sound bad in front of the "audience" of your fellow pilots. But there are a few things that can instantly make you sound less professional--let's call them the 7 deadly sins of radio communication. These phrases should not be in your aviation vocabulary.
Traffic Pattern Legs

FAA updates Advisory Circular for non-towered airport operations

The AC notes that when entering the traffic pattern at an airport without an operating control tower, inbound pilots are expected to observe other aircraft already in the pattern and to conform to the traffic pattern in use. If there are no other aircraft present, the pilot should check traffic indicators.