Why add an instrument rating

A Private pilot certificate provides versatility, comfort, and ease of travel versus travel via car or even airline. Along with it comes a sense of pride and a new immersive, close knit culture.
Aerodynamics maneuver

Pilot Minute Video: Acceleration Tolerance

In the latest episode of the Pilot Minute video series, the FAA’s Federal Air Surgeon, Dr. Susan Northrup, covers internal and external factors affecting G-force induced loss of consciousness, or G-LOC, and how pilots can assess their readiness and tolerance using the preflight I’M SAFE personal checklist.

Pilot’s guide to Class E Airspace

You'll spend most of your flight training and cross-country time in Class E airspace. Here we'll show how to identify the location of Class E airspace on a sectional chart and determine the floor in various parts of the country.

Strategies for maintaining instrument proficiency

While your instrument flying skills, cockpit management techniques, and risk management processes will no doubt be sharp when you earn your instrument rating, like anything in life, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Ask a CFI – passenger briefings

Conspicuously absent from most aircraft checklists, is how to conduct a passenger briefing. A helpful acronym for your passenger briefing is SAFETY.

How do you react in an unexpected emergency?

Did you know a “startle response” that delays action or leads to the wrong action could turn fatal? Learn how training can reduce the startled response.

Pilot Minute: what are the most essential items for a good survival kit?

Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup provides some important tips for assembling a personal survival kit.

Is General Aviation Safe?

A question that prospective flight training students and their families may have about learning to fly is, "Is it safe?" A knowledgeable flight instructor should have a thoughtful and honest answer to this question, but it is not as cut and dried as you might think.

New episodes of Sporty’s Pilot’s Discretion Podcast

Sporty’s popular Fast Five Podcast has new episodes available with guests that include aviation writer, Ian Seager; flyGirl's Natalie Kelley, investigating the "impossible turn" with Brian Schiff; and a discussion with aviation maintenance guru, Mike Busch.

3 overlooked simulator takeaways for student pilots

When the first consumer flight simulator came to market in 1979, there were very few (if any) takeaways for pilots. As most would assume, today’s simulators are helpful in showing how an airplane reacts in the air (and on the ground), but there are a few lesser known areas of airmanship a simulator can teach.