Planning an IFR departure

Departure procedures are designed primarily to provide obstacle clearance and should be used when published.  These procedures come in two varieties:  Obstacle Departure Procedures (ODPs) and Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs).

Understanding and Executing IFR Holding Procedures

Maximum holding speeds in knots indicated airspeed (KIAS) have been designated for specific altitude ranges. Often pilots can avoid flying a holding pattern or reduce the length of time spent in the holding pattern, by slowing down on the way to the holding fix.
Pilot eye view approaching to land under overcast skies.

The value of actual IFR conditions

Aeronautical experience in the regulations does not require that you have any actual instrument flight time to obtain your instrument rating. That's correct, you can earn your instrument rating with flight time only in simulated conditions.

Getting started with IFR training – tips for ensuring success

Earning an instrument rating is a rewarding experience that will give you confidence and make your pilot’s license more powerful. Here's how to get off to a fast start on your training.

January test question update from Sporty’s

Sporty's recently released its January written test question…

How to fly the perfect short field takeoff and climb

Takeoff power should be applied smoothly while holding the brakes until the maximum obtainable engine power. Once the brakes are released, adjust the airplane’s pitch to attain minimum drag and maximum acceleration. As we reach the recommended roation speed, apply back-elevator pressure until reaching the appropriate Vx attitude.

New Year’s Resolutions

We read about the accident “chain” - a series of events and decisions that had to occur in the correct order for the resulting accident to have taken place. If a different decision is made anywhere along the sequence, the chain is broken and thankfully, the result is just another interesting flight.

Sporty’s releases new written test questions

Sporty's recently released new written test questions in its 2024 Learn to Fly Course test preparation module.
ATC controller

Details matter in ATC clearances

When reading back your clearance, don’t leave out pertinent details – Students often look for ways to shorten their read back to ATC.  Although there is nothing wrong with this practice, early student mistakes are normally made when they omit key details.

Chart smart: Why does Lorain County Regional have a box around its name?

A box around the airport name indicates an airport for which a special air traffic rule has been established.