My first solo flight

Well, here goes nothing. Full throttle, airspeed is alive, rotation at 55 knots and climb out at 74 knots. I turn crosswind, then downwind, and base. My turn to final is a little wide so I corrected back onto the extended centerline for runway 22 for a descent, but safe landing. I did it! FIRST SOLO! I could not help but smile and be proud of myself. What a rush! The feeling is incredible.
ATC controller

Details matter in ATC clearances

When reading back your clearance, don’t leave out pertinent details – Students often look for ways to shorten their read back to ATC.  Although there is nothing wrong with this practice, early student mistakes are normally made when they omit key details.

Reaching New Heights

The proud owner explained that it was a 1934 Waco S3HD--the only one of its kind still flying. I didn’t think it was possible, but my heart swelled, and I felt even more lucky to be co-piloting, let alone riding in his prized possession.

My experience as a rusty pilot

People who could fly airplanes had an elite reputation in my mind; one that seemed too far-fetched for me to consider. So my teenage years were filled with school, sports, and summer jobs outside occasionally interrupted by the distinct hum of an engine passing overhead.

Converging aircraft – what would you have done?

Aircraft Y called a 5-mile final behind us. We continued down to the runway and made a safe landing. We came to a full stop on the runway to clean up the airplane and make a very short debrief because Aircraft Y, landing behind us, was on a 1-mile final as he made a radio call. We made a radio call stating that we were departing Runway 5.
CFI in cockpit

Tough flight instructors are worth it… most of the time

Tough instructors go beyond FAA standards and deeper than the textbook to teach you things that really matter, in ways that make an indelible impression. Over the years, I’ve had a few right seat companions who deserve the adjective “tough,” but in looking back over those lessons I'm glad I had them.

Why I fly

I have learned problem solving, Getting me and the airplane out of a fix. I use those skills every day, So that is reason number six.

How I hit my flight training budget within $50

Following the checkride, I totaled all the money I spent on training to discover it was $50 less than what the flight school manager had estimated at the beginning.

An actual instrument approach to minimums

During your instrument training, you routinely fly instrument approach procedures to “minimums” under simulated conditions. The more likely scenario when flying under instrument flight rules (IFR) is the option to complete the flight under visual flight rules (VFR), flying a visual approach procedure, or flying an instrument procedure in which you acquire the runway visually well above the charted “minimums.”

Pilot certificates are not participation trophies

A statistic was recently shared with us that indicates that in the past approximately 6-months, it appears first-time pass rates on private pilot airplane single-engine land practical tests are hovering somewhere in the 50-60% range. Take this to heart, please. It means that nearly half of our pilot applicants are failing their first attempts at a private pilot certificate.