Webinar video: pilot hiring trends and tips

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Mr. Tim Genc, Chief Advisor at FAPA (Future & Active Pilot Advisors) presents, Building the Pilot Pipeline. Aspiring career pilots of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes will learn about the pathways to becoming a professional pilot. Access the slide deck for the presentation here.

Topics include:
• State of the aviation, specifically pilot, industry
• The path from initial training to professional pilot
• Educational advice: college, vocational flight school, or military route?
• Options to pay for your flight training and education
• The next steps necessary to launch your pilot career

Tim Genc is the Chief Advisor at FAPA and a certified flight instructor. He previously worked as Director of Pilot Recruitment at a regional airline and has interviewed thousands of professional pilot candidates. Genc hosts in-person future pilot webinars throughout the country as part of FAPA’s Pilot Job Fairs.

Eric Radtke