Airport Bums

If you're a student pilot, your lessons are probably consumed with trips to the practice area, planning cross countries and honing your pattern and landing skills - fun stuff.  Even those of us with thousands of hours will stay sharp by going out on a sunny Sunday to practice turns around a point.

Pilot Minute: what are the most essential items for a good survival kit?

Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup provides some important tips for assembling a personal survival kit.

Video: 4 ways to make home flight simulators realistic

Flight simulators are really popular right now: combine the latest programs like Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane with the latest hardware like the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, and you have a powerful tool for flight training and fun. But if you don't approach it with the right mindset, flying a sim can just waste time. In this video, Sporty's John Zimmerman shares four tips for making your next sim session more realistic, from checklists to iPad apps.

EAA post secondary scholarships available

Through many generous donors, EAA awards more than $75,000 in scholarships for students attending a post-secondary institution with a focus on aviation, including pilot training.

Free webinar: Flying the Garmin GFC600 Autopilot with Garmin Aviation

Designed for aftermarket installation on high-performance single- and twin-engine piston aircraft as well as turboprops and jets, the GFC 600 flight control system offers an impressive array of top-level safety and performance features.

Video tip: reducing drag in a Citation X and Cirrus SR-22

Airplane manufacturers go to great lengths to design the exterior surfaces to be as aerodynamically clean as possible to maximize performance. This week's tip takes a look at the drag-reducing features found on two of the fastest airplanes in both the jet and piston aviation segments.

Is General Aviation Safe?

A question that prospective flight training students and their families may have about learning to fly is, "Is it safe?" A knowledgeable flight instructor should have a thoughtful and honest answer to this question, but it is not as cut and dried as you might think.

Chart Smart: VFR sectional obstruction symbols

The larger obstruction symbols denote and obstruction that is 1,000′ AGL or greater while the smaller obstruction symbol indicates an obstruction less than 1,000′ AGL.

Video Tip: Cessna 172 exterior preflight

One of the first things you'll learn as a student pilot is how to perform an aircraft preflight inspection. This week's video tip looks at the step-by-step procedures for the exterior preflight of a Cessna 172.

SheltAir and AvFuel announce 2022 scholarship program

SheltAir and Avfuel recently announced their 2022 scholarship program as an opportunity to re-invest in the aviation community by providing meaningful financial support to aviators pursuing a greater commitment to business aviation.