Smart study strategies with Sporty’s 2019 Learn to Fly Course

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Sporty’s courses are the ideal pilot training companion – everything you need to prepare for your written test and earn your certificate or rating, with ground school, test prep, and real-world training all in one easy-to-use system. New content, flexible app options, and smart study tools all combine to offer an unmatched training experience in Sporty’s 2019 course editions. And better yet, your training content is accessible anywhere, on any device.

For a single purchase, you gain access to multiple formats: the online course, iPad/iPhone app, and Apple TV app at no additional cost. And new for 2019, you now have access to the brand new Sporty’s Pilot Training app for Android!

How can you gain the most from your investment in a Sporty’s course?

Video Training

Complete the core, video-based training from start to finish in the order in which it is presented. The video-based training will build a solid foundation and provide valuable perspective for all of your future training. Don’t worry, Sporty’s courses do not include boring classroom lectures. You’ll be trained in a modern style with small, manageable training segments and engaging video shot in and around airplanes. Your video training is complemented with sophisticated graphics and animations.

When a topic has been viewed, it is noted with a green checkmark helping you recall where to resume your study and providing an easy-to-interpret snapshot of your progress. There will be some topics you may choose to review depending on how well you’ve comprehended the information. You can search for a topic at any time with the new search tool, to find specific videos based on the video script and keywords.

Many of the video training segments include on-screen quizzes and review notes to further assess your progress and cater to diverse learning styles. To learn more about any question, press the green Explanation button and the course will jump right to the spot in the video training that covers that specific topic.

Test prep

With video training complete, transition to the dedicated test preparation module. Sporty’s test prep includes multiple modes of operation. Start in the Study Categories mode to select specific areas of study or choose a random mix of questions. Answering each question provides real-time feedback with detailed explanations and references. Question references link to the specific FAA resource for further review – learn the material, don’t rely on rote memory.

Be sure to mark questions that you don’t fully understand or that you want to review later. You’re able to create future study sessions based on incorrect or marked questions. There’s also a Smart Study session option, which will automatically generate a session that focuses on your weakest subject area – great for a quick study session without having to select any options.

After proceeding through each category at least once, the performance analysis charts will provide a clear indication of weak versus strong subjects so you may continue focusing on your lower-performing categories.

After strengthening any weak subject areas, transition to the test mode that will generate a random mix of questions to provide a simulated exam – just like the real thing. After grading a session, you’ll have the option to begin a new test based on only those questions answered incorrectly.

Further testing on deficient areas will help maximize your performance. The completion of at least two tests with a minimum score of 80% are required to earn the written exam endorsement. When you’ve completed the course and received your written test endorsement, you can log it in your ForeFlight digital logbook – complete with instructor signature.

CFI Sharing

Along the way, you have the option to share your learning progress with your CFI. Once you’ve granted access, your instructor will see your video training progress and your practice tests sessions. He will also have the option to view how you answered each question so that he may provide further guidance in your study.

Flight Resources

After completing the FAA written exam there are even more resources that can be used when transitioning to the airplane with your instructor. The Interactive Maneuvers Guide allows you to review all necessary maneuvers you’ll accomplish in the airplane. It does so with text and animations so that you can view a complete maneuver in an artificial, 3D environment.

The Training Course Outline (TCO) is a detailed flight training syllabus to serve as a bridge between your online training and the training with your instructor. And the Interactive Airman Certification Standards (ACS) is the FAA’s outline of all the knowledge and skill areas you need to know regarding the certificate you are pursuing. It’s even cross-referenced to the appropriate video training segment within Sporty’s course.

After transitioning to the airplane you can connect your CloudAhoy account so any flights logged with CloudAhoy will sync, including a listing of each flight maneuver from the lesson.

Sporty’s Pilot Training app is now available for Android, which includes the 2019 Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating Courses.

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A FREE demonstration of each course component is available at

Download the Pilot Training app for iPhone/iPad here.

Download the Pilot Training app for Android here.

New for 2019

  • New content – ADS-B, ATC procedures, weather, communication and more
  • New pilot training app for Android
  • Powerful new test prep tools and analytics
  • Comprehensive content search tool
  • Enhanced CFI sharing features
  • CloudAhoy integration