First flight training app for Apple TV released

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Over the past 6 years we’ve seen aviation apps for just about every Apple platform, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Earlier this year, Sporty’s released a new Learn to Fly Course app for AppleTV, which is available now in the AppleTV app store.

This allows you to watch the HD video content from the comfort of your home on the big screen as you progress towards your Private, Sport or Recreational pilot certificate.

What is AppleTV?

The first AppleTV was introduced over 10 years ago to stream internet content to your TV from a small set-top box, but during these early days, it offered a limited amount of content. Today AppleTV has evolved into a powerful media device featuring content from just about every major broadcast network, sports and content provider, including NBC, CBS, ABC, Netflix, Hulu and the major sports leagues.

Best of all the latest AppleTV features an App Store with the ability to download third-party apps for video, audio, games, and other content. Many of the apps are extensions of their cable TV or iPhone/iPad app counterparts, providing the ability to easily view their video content on your living room TV.

Learning to Fly on the AppleTV

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course has been available for iPhone and iPad for over 5 years now and offers a high-quality flight training experience for your mobile devices. The heart of the app has always been the in-depth HD video segments, over 23 hours in total, which cover both essential flight maneuvers and practical tips for better airmanship.

The new Learn to Fly Course for AppleTV provides pilots with the additional option of watching the video training on a larger TV, which really brings the dynamic in-flight footage and detailed animations to life. The app itself offers a fairly simple layout, with a basic menu to play individual, topic-specific aviation training videos on the TV. The app tracks your progress as you complete each segment and automatically syncs this with the course app on your iPhone/iPad using iCloud.

After completing the video training on the AppleTV, iPhone or iPad, and scoring two 80% practice test scores on the iPhone/iPad course app, you’ll instantly earn your endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test.

The Learn to Fly Course for AppleTV is also great for existing pilots looking to maintain proficiency and expand their aviation knowledge. Thanks to its topic-specific menu layout, pilots can easily jump to pertinent segments to review flight maneuvers, weather, airspace, cross-country procedures, training on new technology and more.

Access to the AppleTV app is automatically included for those that have already purchased the Learn to Fly app for iPhone/iPad. You can purchase the course directly here, which includes the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV versions: Learn To Fly Course For Apple TV – Private Pilot Test Prep.