Sporty’s new Flight Gear HP bags show off unique features

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Flight bags are like airplanes. They’re constantly changing to adapt to new technology, and yet there’s no such thing as a single perfect design – everyone has their own wants and needs. In recognition of those two trends, Sporty’s recently introduced a completely new selection of flight bags for general aviation pilots, called Flight Gear High Performance. These bags have a modern look and some unique new features, but with options for customizing each bag to match the mission.

Every new Flight Gear HP bag is made from durable ripstop nylon, with sturdy hardware and extra stitching where it counts. With a three year warranty and Sporty’s famous support, you can count on your bag for years of reliable service. Beyond those essential features, though, Flight Gear HP has some thoughtful design choices.

1. Light weight. A great flight bag should store and protect lots of aviation gear, but that doesn’t mean it has to be heavy. By using the right fabric and some novel construction techniques, we’ve been able to make Flight Gear HP 30% lighter than our previous generation of bags – without sacrificing durability. That means your bag is lighter before you ever load it. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you pick one up.

Light weight


2. Reinforced carry handles. Grab and go is our philosophy, so we added large, padded handles to our Tailwind Backpack, iPad Bag and Captain’s Bag. These make it easy to haul heavy loads without hurting your hands. Each handle is securely riveted to the bag.

Carry handle


3. Oversized headset pockets. A good ANR headset is often a pilot’s most expensive investment, so we designed our new Flight Gear HP with extra protection. The Captain’s Bag and Crosswind Bag feature large, padded headset pockets on the side, with wide zippered openings. These have a contoured cut to make it easy to remove a headset, including ANR battery box, in an instant.

Headset pocket


4. Headset hanger. For our Tailwind Backpack and iPad bag, we still found a way to accommodate a dedicated headset storage area without taking up too much space. The innovative headset hanger is loop and buckle at the top of the interior compartment, which wraps around your headset’s headband. This keeps your headset stable and elevated, so it won’t hit the ground when you drop your bag.

Headset hanger


5. Pass-through iPad pocket. The Captain’s Bag has room for everything you carry, but with easy-access pockets that make it simple to find your gear. For example, a padded iPad pocket on the inside offers unmatched protection for your tablet, but the pass-through slot on the top of the bag allows you to remove your iPad without opening up the entire bag.

iPad top load


6. Charging cable slot for electronics. The iPad bag also features a padded iPad pocket, but with a unique cable slot that allows you to keep your tablet connected to a battery pack while it’s in the bag. Keep a battery pack (sold separately) in the main compartment, then connect it to your iPad with the pass-through slot. Everything remains separated and protected, but you never run out of juice.

Pass through iPad


7. Gear Mods. Different flights call for different equipment, so a great flight bag has to adapt to fit long cross countries and local flights alike. Our Gear Mods are the perfect answer. These handy accessories attach to the back wall of any Flight Gear HP bag, and offer additional storage and organization options, from cables to tablets to radios. Don’t need that radio pocket for today’s flight? Just remove the Gear Mod.

Gear Mods


8. Custom Embroidery. Make your bag uniquely yours, with custom embroidery from Sporty’s in-house team. We’ll add your initials, N-number, airplane silhouette or whatever else you dream up.

Embroidery on bag




Four bags make up the Flight Gear HP line, and each of them costs under $100.

Tailwind Backpack – A comfortable and stylish backpack made exclusively for pilots, including a headset hanger, iPad pocket and laptop sleeve.

Tailwind Backpack


Captain’s Bag – Our most spacious bag, with two headset pockets, front organizer section and padded iPad sleeve.

Captain's Bag


iPad Bag – Designed for the active iPad pilot, featuring a headset hanger, padded iPad pocket, and plenty of external organizer pockets.

iPad bag


Crosswind Bag – Perfect for student pilots and weekend flyers, this compact bag offers plenty of organization for under $50.

Crosswind Bag


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