5 can’t miss stocking stuffers

2 min read

For a pilot, working at Sporty’s can be compared to a daily Christmas morning. With all the pilot toys, trinkets and gear, it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of cool and interesting new things to play with. I often get asked by pilot and non-pilots alike for gift ideas for their pilot friends. Rest assured, you don’t have to break the bank to get something meaningful that’s sure to please even the most difficult to shop for.

Flashlight.  A pilot can never have too many options for a flashlight. My two favorite: the Smith & Wesson Captain’s Flashlight and the Flight Outfitters Headlamp. They have both red and white light with independent buttons so you don’t have to scroll through the colors and ruin your night vision.  I use the headlamp in the cockpit and around the house.


T-Shirt.  Pilot’s love making sure everyone else knows that they’re a pilot. Humorous T-shirts are a great way of doing that. Check out the “Pilot’s Looking Down on People Since 1903” t-shirt, or the “I’m a Pilot, Frightening Isn’t It?” t-shirt.


Flight Bag.  A pilot may change his flight bag more often than they change their underwear.  They’re always in search of something perfect.  While these might not fit in a stocking, check out the new Flight Outfitters Thrust bag, or the Flight Gear Navigator Bag.  I use the Thrust as an everyday bag for work.

Ornament.  Nothing says Christmas quite like an ornament.  Sporty’s 2015 Christmas Ornament features a Bonanza this year.  Also check out the Wright Bros Catalog for aviation specific Christmas ornaments.

Pilot Wings Gear.  When in doubt, get something with pilot wings on it.  The Pilot Wings Wallet, Knife, or Water Bottle are great options for the pilot on your list.  I really like the wallet.  It has a ramp pass insert for my pilot license, medical, and driver’s license.


Still not satisfied?  Explore the Sporty’s holiday gift guide where you can shop by categories and price.