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Webinar video: aviation headsets

Join Doug Ranly as he demystifies the world of aviation headsets, shares what’s new, and highlights the features important to you. When you’re ready to purchase your headset, visit Sporty’s interactive buyers guide and see a complete lineup of headsets available for sale.

Rusty Pilot Week Launches at Sporty’s

your pilot’s license never expires, and you don’t have to pass a checkride to regain currency. All it takes is some studying and a few hours with a flight instructor. Sporty’s and Flight Training Central are here to help.

Are you prepared to go around?

Minutes later we were told to slow to our final speed as the Falcon tri-jet had not yet begun its taxi. We were fortunate to have about 20 seconds at our 120kt final approach speed to discuss the possibility of a go-around given the slow progress of the Falcon’s taxi run. This discussion involved the steps we would take performing the go-around.

How do you start a jet engine?

Smaller jet engines are started using electrical power, either from a battery or an external power unit. Upon initiating the start, generally with the push of a button, the battery powers the starter motor which begins rotating the engine just like a piston-powered airplane or your car.