February is IFR month at Sporty’s

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Throughout the month of February, Sporty’s will be celebrating IFR Month, a four-week focus on the challenges and rewards of instrument flying. In addition to special savings on pilot gear, Sporty’s will also offer a new YouTube video series, interactive webinars, articles, live stream events, and contests. The goal is to encourage pilots to earn their instrument rating, get current, and enjoy more utility from their pilot certificate.

Sporty’s has partnered with record-setting airshow pilot and instrument flight instructor Spencer Suderman for a new video series, called “IFR Insights,” that is available free on YouTube. In each episode, Suderman shows how to use modern tools like iPad apps and datalink weather to make IFR flying safer and easier. Multiple camera angles and real-world ATC audio allow viewers to ride along and see why “flying IFR” doesn’t have to mean shooting approaches to 200 feet.

IFR Month will also be celebrated across Sporty’s Media Network, including right here at Flight Training Central, as well as Sporty’s Air Facts, iPad Pilot News, and Flight Sim Update. Each will include articles, videos, and quizzes on instrument flying topics. Sporty’s Pilot’s Discretion podcast will feature two IFR-centric episodes in February, with well-known flight instructors Tom Turner and Elaine Kauh. Webinar topics include passing the instrument rating knowledge test and using home flight simulators for instrument proficiency.

Limited time IFR Month specials will be available on a variety of products, including Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course. This comprehensive course, newly updated for 2023, is available on a variety of mobile devices and includes free lifetime updates. Pilots will also have the opportunity to participate in contests and live streams from Sporty’s store.

Sporty’s IFR Month runs from February 1 through February 28. For a complete list of content and events, visit sportys.com/IFR.

Eric Radtke