Video Tip: How to fly an LPV (GPS) approach with a Garmin GTN 650

1 min read

GPS technology revolutionized how pilots fly instrument approaches to runways when the ceiling and visibility are low. A great example is the LPV instrument approach, which provides similar lateral and vertical guidance as an ILS approach, but without the need for expensive radio equipment to be installed for each runway service.  Instead, LPV approaches rely on GPS satellites to provide ILS-like approach guidance to any runway in the U.S. which meets FAA standards. Today there are over 4,100 LPV approaches in the U.S., compared to 1,500 ILS approaches.

In this week’s video tip, we’ll explain the differences between a GPS LNAV and LPV instrument approach, and show how to fly an LPV approach using a Garmin GTN 650 navigator.

Bret Koebbe