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Sporty's AirportSporty’s Academy, our on-site flight school, is a premier Pilot Training Center located at the Clermont County Airport in the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. We welcome students from all over the world who are looking for the finest flight training experience.  Our services include recreational to career pilot training and a variety of customized training options.  No matter your goals, Sporty’s Academy offers the resources and experience to create a thrilling and powerful aviation experience.

Our facility includes Sporty’s Pilot Shop, flight school, FBO and much more. And, if you visit on a Saturday, you can enjoy our famous weekly cookout. Every Saturday between noon and 2pm, we grill hot dogs, metts and brats in appreciation of our customers.

“Finish-up” your flight training at Sporty’s Academy

Are you (or someone you know) one of the thousands of aspiring pilots who started a flight training program, but didn’t finish?  If so, you’re not alone.  Whether your personal schedule became too hectic or you simply weren’t able to achieve the right continuity with an instructor or flight school, Sporty’s Academy will help you to your pilot certificate goals through our customized “completion” program.

Learn more about the Sporty’s Finish-Up Experience.

Why Choose Sporty’s Academy?

Deciding where to learn to fly can be a difficult decision. We’re confident that the flight training you receive at Sporty’s Academy will be the best available, bar none.

Sporty’s Academy has a superior instructional staff. Our flight instructors aren’t just passing through on their way to another job; they are dedicated to providing the best possible individualized instruction. And they are held accountable, too: strict supervision of your flight training experience ensures that your valuable training dollar is maximized.

Sporty’s instructional staff includes ten Master Flight Instructors. That means that these instructors meet and exceed rigorous industry standards, and these instructors obtained the distinction of Master Flight Instructor out of pride of their profession, wanting to be the best possible flight instructor.

Hal Shevers, chairman and founder of Sporty’s, is proud of being a long-time flight instructor. In fact, Hal has so distinguished himself and his high standard of training that he has been inducted into the National Flight Instructor Hall of Fame, an honor granted only a few instructors.

history_runwaySporty’s Academy is based at a lively, small airport. Clermont County Airport (I69) is an ideal base of operations for a student pilot. It’s small enough that you will not feel intimidated by a fleet of huge airplanes, yet big enough and active enough to give you plenty of real-world flying experience.

Because the airport is home to Sporty’s Pilot Shop, you will have access to all the latest products and services that make flying safer and more fun. Sporty’s weather station will be an integral part of your flight planning, while access to Sporty’s aviation library will complement your own learning.

The Tri-State Warbird Museum is also on the field, and when you’re ready to step up to aircraft ownership, Sporty’s is a Cessna dealer with its own maintenance facility and avionics shop right there. Sporty’s is involved with every aspect of aviation, and that fact makes your training all that more effective.

Charlie phil C162 preflightSporty’s Academy knows aircraft. Sporty’s Academy maintains an impeccable fleet of late-model aircraft, including Cessna 172 and 182s, including those with glass panels. In addition, Sporty’s Academy maintains a Piper Aztec and a Diamond Motorglider.

With its own maintenance shop on the field and maintenance standards that are the envy of any flight school, you won’t be disappointed with the aircraft in which you train.

Sporty’s Academy will be here tomorrow. And tomorrow. And next year. And next year. You’ve no doubt heard the nightmare stories of flight schools that suddenly shut down, taking the student’s cash with them. Sporty’s is entering its 50th year, and as one of the premiere companies in general aviation, has the necessary financial wherewithal and corporate stability.

Eric-Sean-Airplane1-300x168Sporty’s Academy is more than a flight school. When you train at Sporty’s, you’re part of the Sporty’s family. That means you benefit from training at a school that’s been deeply involved in aviation education since 1961. Unlike other flight schools, Sporty’s has developed its own courses, its own teaching aids for flight instructors and has produced hundreds of hours of video material on all aspects of pilot technique and aircraft safety.

Choosing to train at Sporty’s Academy is the next best decision you can make whether you want to fly just for fun or as the start of an exciting career!

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